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Daniel Allen

Image From AI to Robots: Japan’s Advancing Agetech
Image STAR Robot, Da Vinci Systems: The Rise of the Robosurgeon
Image The Rapid Increase of Cutting-Edge Digital Devices for Respiratory Care
Image Beyond Skin Deep: Digital Innovation Shapes the Future of Dermatology
Image Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Pushing Digital Boundaries
Image China: Flattening the Covid Curve
Image The Pandemic Effect: Making Continuous Manufacturing a Reality
Image HIMSS21: The Cyber Threat for Healthcare Facilities is “Dramatically High and Increasing”
Image The Covid-19 Crisis Has Broken Down Barriers Around Telemedicine
Image Vocal Biomarker Technology: Detecting Covid-19 by Voice Analysis
Image New Robotic System Enables Remote Control of Ventilators
Image Japan: How Its Industries Have Transitioned into 2021
Image AI, Robotics, Drones, Sensors: Next Generation Healthcare 
Image Graphene Face Masks Set to Boost Coronavirus Protection  
Image Trust and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Image IBM’s Supercomputer Summit: Cracking the Covid Code
Image Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc Could Help Fight Covid-19 
Image Starting with Sport: the Future of the Digital Fitness Industry
Image Covid-19 Reshapes the Future of Hospital Design
Image Shape 2021 Forum: How Innovation Can Move Patient Care up the Value Chain
Image Pushing the Boundaries of Biofabrication
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