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Image Fujidenolo’s Ferromagnetic Material Detector in MRI Rooms
Image Kyoto Kagaku: Innovative Phantoms for Medical Training
Image Homer Ion: Therapeutic Solutions Through Electrostimulation
Image Poietis Automates the Manufacturing of Biological Tissue
Image Japanese Craftsmanship: The OPELA III Surgical Light
Image A Screening Kit to Detect Cervical Cancer
Image Regenerative Medicine Made Accessible


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Image Three Start-Ups Awarded for Their Innovation at MEDICA 2021
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Image MEDICA 2021: Advances in Medical Robotics
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Image IDS: Smart, Connected and Automated Workflows are Revolutionizing the Dental Lab

Artificial Intelligence

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Image From AI to Robots: Japan’s Advancing Agetech
Image ECR 2022: AI Systems for Pediatrics Still Need Further Development
Image ECR 2022: The Role of the Radiologist in 2030
Image The Prima Implant Gives Hope of Sight Restoration to the Partially Blind Patients 
Image Tackling Blindness: A Contactless AI Device to Diagnose and Monitor Glaucoma
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Image Mixed Reality: A New Vision for Healthcare