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Katherine Whelan

Image Stem Cells From Stomach Fat Used to Help With Hair Regrowth 
Image Facial Rejuvenation: Micro-Channeling Great Skin
Image A New AI Algorithm to Help Doctors Spot Skin Diseases
Image Voice Banking Technology Helps MND Sufferers Save Their Voice
Image Life Extended by Game-Changing MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy
Image The Prima Implant Gives Hope of Sight Restoration to the Partially Blind Patients 
Image Rapid Blood Test Can Diagnose Brain Injury on Sports Field Sidelines 
Image Dark-Field X-Ray Method: Lower Radiation, Better Information
Image Three Start-Ups Awarded for Their Innovation at MEDICA 2021
Image Breast Cancer: A Focus on Novel Treatments and Therapies
Image New Transparent Face Mask for Staff at Children’s Hospital
Image Enhancing Air Filtering in Ambulances to Reduce Covid-19 Aerosols
Image Bedside MRI Machine Set to Transform Pediatric and Neonatal Care
Image HealthHero: The Story Behind Europe’s Biggest Digital Health Provider
Image Orthopedic Surgery: Remote Monitoring App to Help Clear the Backlog of Patients
Image 3D Imaging Tool Detects Life-Threatening Heart Disease in 20 Minutes 
Image With Phone App Nurses Can Scan Wounds Remotely
Image Ultrasound Scan Detects Cancer Tissue Left Behind After Brain Tumor Surgery
Image Using Microsoft AI Technology to Detect Tumors Speeds up Cancer Treatment 
Image Origami-Inspired Miniature Robot Can Perform Surgical Tasks
Image A Copper-Based Coating That Kills Covid-19 in 4 Hours
Image Covid-19: Smartphone-Based Tests to Do at Home
Image Teaming Up to Produce More Ventilators
Image Covid-19: 3D-Printed Face Masks for Mass Screening
Image Iron Man-Like Arm
Image An AI Device to Treat Wounds
Image Digital Bracelet to Predict Epileptic Seizures  
Image Transforming Medicine with AI
Image A Home Robot for Elderly Patients
Image REHACARE. Electrical Stimulation Breakthrough
Image Artificial Intelligence in the Operating Room
Image Doctors Turn to the Natural World to Help Cure Skin Wounds
Image IDS. Stratasys’ New 3D Dental Printer
Image IDS. New 3D Dental Printer Produces 500 Clear Aligners a Day
Image Artificial Pancreas—The Future for Diabetes Treatment?
Image Smart Ambulances: The Future of Emergency Healthcare
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