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Celia Sampol

Image Telemedica Upgrades its Training Auscultation Speaker
Image Poietis Automates the Manufacturing of Biological Tissue
Image Novel Biomarkers Could Help Understand New Facets of Alzheimer’s Disease
Image Innovative Silicone Orthoses Use Cryotherapy
Image How to Safeguard Humanity in a Context of Excessive Automation? 
Image Why the mRNA Purification Technique for Vaccine Manufacturing Will Continue to Increase
Image From Component Supply to Equipment Refurbishment, Philips Commits to Reducing its Carbon Footprint
Image Techno Medica: “Covid-19 is an Opportunity to Change our Mindsets”
Image Using Self-Induced Cognitive Trance in Oncology and Chronic Pain
Image Salon du Laboratoire: The Lab of the Future Will Be Sustainable, Flexible and Connected
Image Innovative Devices to Treat the Underdiagnosed Condition of Sleep Apnea
Image Cellbox Makes Shipping Fragile Cell Lines by Air Possible
Image Autonomous Use of Smart Fitness Equipment for People with Reduced Mobility
Image The Healthcare Industry Subject to Cyberattacks as it Deals with Covid-19
Image MedicalExpo Transitions from an Online Exhibition to a B2B Marketplace 
Image An Augmented Reality App to Help Children with Autism
Image Digital Twinning Hydroxychloroquine and Other Covid-19 Molecules
Image Stratasys: Covid-19 Is an Accelerator and Eye-Opener for 3D Printing
Image Hands-Free 3D-Printed Door Opener to Minimize Germ Contamination 
Image Covid-19: Developing High Tech Protective Masks
Image ECR, Analytica, HIMSS, FIME: Trade Shows Postponed Due to COVID-19
Image Surgical Masks, Respirators, Face Shields: Which Masks Actually Protect Against Coronavirus?
Image Testing Set to Begin on a Coronavirus Vaccine
Image Understanding Resistance to Cancer Therapies
Image The GO Project: A Human Body Extension
Image Transhumanism: Repairing and Improving the Human
Image Artificial Intelligence: Elementary, IBM Watson
Image Combining Hypnosis and Virtual Reality
Image 3D Printing Micro Tumors
Image A Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Made Him Walk Again
Image MEDICA. Stratasys’ New J750 Digital Anatomy Printer
Image CRISPR-Cas9: Are We Ready for a Gene-Editing Society?
Image FIME. Florida Continues to Attract Medical Device Manufacturers 
Image AI, Transhumanism, Post-Humanity: Between Fear and Imagination
Image Non-Invasive Jacket for Monitoring Small Lab Animals
Image How Artificial Intelligence Will Create an “Augmented Worker”
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