INFOGRAPHIC. Understanding Hypertension

INFOGRAPHIC. Understanding Hypertension
High blood pressure or hypertension could happen to anyone without any visible symptoms. (Credit: iStock )

High blood pressure, or hypertension, could happen to anyone without any visible symptoms, and if not cured, can cause several significant health issues. Hypertension can cause serious harm by reducing the efficiency of blood vessels and the heart, and eventually making them work harder than usual. Furthermore, the force of high blood pressure also damages the sensitive tissues that are present in the arteries.

By Anurag Vishwakarma from Wisdom Policy


More than half of people above 60 years of age have high blood pressure issues. Apart from the age factor, some unusual reasons may cause it to occur early. Different organs, such as veins, arteries, heart, brain, and kidneys, have control over blood pressure. The two kinds of hypertension are primary and secondary. The age and genetic factors cause hypertension amongst a variety of people. However, secondary hypertension is caused by the following factors: unusual stress, lack of physical activities, excess salt and weight, limitless smoking and alcohol consumption, illegal medications, lack of sleep. Even a little amount of routine changes can help you reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart diseases significantly. The following methods should be considered:

Physical activities: People with hypertension require at least two hours of aerobics in a week. Some of the helpful exercises to start with are swimming, walking, cycling, and jogging.

Stress Relieving: Some relaxation methods, such as steam baths, yoga, and meditation, can help in controlling stress. People should avoid consuming tobacco, recreational drugs, junk food, and alcohol to lessen their stress levels, as these things contribute to high blood pressure, and eventually causes hypertension. Cigarette smoking is also a common cause of high blood pressure levels.

Medication: Hypertension can be treated through a few medicines that are available across the globe. Doctors usually start by prescribing a low dosage and eventually increase them. Hypertensive people should combine two or more medicines for managing their blood pressure.

Reduced Salt Consumption: 9-12 gms/day is the average salt intake in most countries and reducing it to below 5 gms/day is recommended for lessening the possibility of hypertension and other such problems. Low salt intake is beneficial for people both with and without hypertension.

Low-Fat Diet: A low-fat diet is what the experts recommend for people with hypertension issues. Have a look below for some helpful food products: Plenty amount of Fruits and Vegetables; Foods with nuts, pulses, and beans; Rich in Fibre Foods; Olive Oil & Low-fat dairy products; Poultry products (skinless).


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