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Abigail Saltmarsh

Image Laboratory 4.0: Five of the World’s Top Digital Labs
Image Listening in: Top Innovations in Stethoscopes
Image 3D Bioprinting: Japan’s Advances in Creating Living Tissue
Image Kyoto Kagaku: Innovative Phantoms for Medical Training
Image Homer Ion: Therapeutic Solutions Through Electrostimulation
Image Smart Toilets: A New Medical IoT Device for Passive Urine Analysis
Image ECR 2022: AI Systems for Pediatrics Still Need Further Development
Image ECR 2022: The Role of the Radiologist in 2030
Image Cryotherapy as a Treatment for Loss of Smell From Covid
Image Tackling Blindness: A Contactless AI Device to Diagnose and Monitor Glaucoma
Image Minimally-Invasive Cardiac Implant Helps the Heart Help Itself
Image Could Vaccines Be Given by Robots?
Image Mixed Reality: A New Vision for Healthcare 
Image Making Strides: The Atalante Exoskeleton is Getting Personal
Image Mind Over Matter: The Use of Hypnosis to Replace General Anesthesia
Image MEDICA 2021: The Future of Virtual Care and Digital Therapeutics
Image MEDICA 2021: Advances in Medical Robotics
Image Bionic Prosthetics: Bringing Biology and Technology Together
Image IDS: A Focus on the Latest Innovations in Dental Implants
Image IDS: Smart, Connected and Automated Workflows are Revolutionizing the Dental Lab
Image Vision of the Future: AR Smart Contact Lenses
Image Will the Future of Healthcare Be in the Hands of Tech Giants?
Image Covid-19 Vaccines: How Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Work
Image Welcome to Hurley Medical Center, One of the World’s Smartest Hospitals
Image Breast Reconstruction: Using Living Cells to Help Reconstruct the Nipple
Image Cold Comfort: Cryotherapy in Aesthetics
Image Robotic Injections: The Future in Aesthetics
Image Green Lights to Save Lives: Smart Emergency Vehicle System
Image ECR 2021. Smart Imaging and Cancer Care: Improving Integration
Image ECR 2021: How Imaging is Meeting the Challenges of Covid-19
Image ECR 2021: AI Solutions in the Battle Against Bone and Joint Diseases
Image Touchless Tech Robots to the Rescue 
Image Healthy Buildings for Healthier Lives
Image Technology to Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses on Fabric Used in Masks
Image ONCOFOOD: Innovative Food Solutions for Cancer Patients
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