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September 3, 2018

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Proton Power

Proton Therapy for Pediatric Tumors

Designing Patient-Friendly Facilities

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Proton Therapy

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MedicalExpo e-magazine is happy to see you back after the summer break. In this September issue, we look into promising proton therapy which seems to be very effective in fighting many types of tumors, especially in head and neck cancers for pediatric patients. The main benefit of this treatment compared to traditional photon radiation or chemotherapy is that it spares normal tissue and therefore causes fewer side effects.

We also talked to several artists who designed patient-friendly facilities to improve quality of care and speed up recovery. And if you’re interested in history, read our story about the evolution of the operating room from ancient times to nowadays. Last but not least, discover some of the most interesting products recently presented at the FIME show in Florida.


Happy reading!

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Advances in proton therapy technology are shrinking the size of accelerators and allowing more treatment centres to consider installation.
Proton therapy center in Poland using the IBA Proteus One. (Photo credit: Bruno Fahy)

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Today the popularity of proton therapy continues to rise, with more than 165,000 cancer patients already estimated to have been successfully cured using this treatment method. While this number is still low, burgeoning demand means more and more cancer centers across the world are now investing in proton therapy...

For children, whose organs are especially vulnerable to radiation damage, the normal tissue sparing is a significant benefit. (Photo credit: iStock)


According to a 2017 Penn and CHOP study, proton therapy lowers treatment side effects in pediatric head and neck cancer patients. Treatment appears to be just as effective as traditional photon radiation while improving quality of life both during treatment and for years after for these young patients. MedicalExpo...

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Sheffield Children's Hospital by Avanti Architects (Photo credit: Avanti Architects)


While clinical regulations and safety requirements breed an impersonal, often austere environment in healthcare facilities, a number of architects and designers are focusing their creativity on enhancing patients’ well-being, taking into account the emotional role of the environment in the healing process. Filled with...

That system helps soccer players progress by understanding their own performance.
LAYER's new PLAYR (Photo: LAYER)

Newly designed by Benjamin Hubert’s LAYER studio, PLAYR is a three-item SmartCoach system allowing soccer players to train like pros and boost their performance.   The system consists in a SmartPod, which is inserted in a SmartVest. The pod, which has a GPS chip, enables tracking of a player’s movements, coverage of...

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  • The patient stays active which prevents the loss of muscle mass. (Photo: Orthoscoot)


    Mobility is everything but when you add safety, “it’s for sure the perfect balance,” said Andreas Hertle, the German conceptor of an innovative three-wheel knee walker called the “Orthoscoot.”   It all started in 2013 during a creative workshop where Hertle was approached by two experienced orthopedic specialists. The...

    The French stylist Corinne Amouyal and the Adapt-iV T-shirt (Photo: Florian Launette)

    How can you make someone who is receiving long-term intravenous treatment’s life better? This is the question stylist Corinne Amouyal asked herself when her father was suffering from cancer and had to undergo continuous infusion. One problem that patients in this situation experience is that they can only change their...

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    With this robust telemedicine system, remote health consultations and diagnoses can be offered to patients even in the most remote locations.
    With Equatel, remote health consultations and diagnoses can be offered to patients. (Photo: Equatel Health)

    The 2018 edition of the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) took place in Orlando from July 17th to 19th. Among the most interesting products and solutions displayed at the United States’ biggest medical fair, we picked Equatel Health, a centralized e-health management system developed by the firm of the same...

    Displayed at FIME, the smart surgical glasses manufactured by Taiwan Main Orthopaedics use revolutionary technology that combines Mixed Reality and surgical navigation. Using the Caduceus glasses, a surgeon can actually see through a patient’s body. Via a monitor, 3D images of organs, nerves or vascular networks allow...

    Leonardo DR mini II (Photo: OR Technology)


    At only 8.9 kg, the second generation of the OR Technology’s portable X-ray machine Leonardo DR mini is even lighter than its predecessor. The device showcased at FIME 2018 is available in two versions (24cm x 30 cm or 35cm x 43 cm). It can be used in home care, veterinary practice and disaster sites as well as...

    The EmeTerm wristband (Photo: WAT Medical)


    Last April, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved WAT Medical‘s leading product to treat nausea-induced vomiting: the EmeTerm. Being medication-free, this wristband doesn’t have any of the typical drug side effects like dizziness, drowsiness or thickening of lung secretions, for example. Presented at FIME...

    The RediRoom (Photo: Clinell)

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    Manufactured by GAMA Healthcare and showcased at FIME 2018, the Clinell RediRoom claims to be the world’s first mobile patient isolation chamber. Lightweight, durable and easy to move, it can be assembled around a patient’s bed in less than five minutes. The RediRoom is designed to isolate infectious patients in...

    From World War I on we see the development of additional products and methods to improve the operating room we know today.
    The OR’s evolution speeds up in the 1900s. (Photo: Thin Lei Win)


    Operating rooms didn’t exist in 8000 BC when the Egyptians performed the first recorded Trephination, a surgical intervention where a hole is drilled into the skull using simple surgical tools. Nor in 1700 BC when the Law Code of Hammurabi was set in stone. Back then, any surgeon unable to save the life of a...


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