July Issue #41

July Issue #41

The Smart Magazine About Medical Technology Innovations

The Future of Aesthetic Medicine

Hair removal, skin resurfacing, body shaping, making channels in the skin for lightener or rejuvenation products—all of this will be soon robotized. Artificial intelligence is definitely changing the face of aesthetic medicine. In this issue, read about the rise of biochipping and the potential health effects of 5G. We also discuss AI, genetics and transhumanism with a visionary philosopher who gives us his insights into post-humanity. And for those looking for a wellness break, check out our story on Les Bords de Mer, a famous spa in the South of France where stones contribute to a sense of peace and well-being. Happy reading and happy summer!

Is AI changing the face of plastic surgery? (Credit: iStock)

Robots are removing wrinkles and machines are injecting fillers—the face of aesthetic medicine is changing.   Experts across the world believe artificial intelligence and robotics could take their industry to another level, reducing costs and opening procedures up to far more people. But, they also stress, there are...

Hôtel Les Bords de Mer (Credit: Stephane Aboudaram from wearecontents)

The new Art Deco hotel Les Bords de Mer houses the first spa in its region to propose REN Skincare treatments, a brand that is an activist for natural bioactives.    Opened in March 2019 in Marseille, France, the spa consists of wellness rooms for skincare treatments and massages, a sauna, a hammam and a heated indoor...

3D printed breast prostheses (Credit: myReflection)


Created using 3D printing, the recently-launched myReflection bespoke breast prostheses are adapted for a perfect fit so they are comfortable to wear and won’t be dislodged. Made with a flexible inner core coated in ISO certified silicone, the goal is for the patient to forget she is wearing them so she can feel like...

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Industry News
Critics say the proliferation of these small cells means that none of us will be able to escape the potentially harmful effects of 5G-related electromagnetic radiation.
According to Ericsson, there will be over 1.5 billion 5G users by 2024. (Credit: iStock)


The next evolution of mobile phone network technology, 5G is about to go mainstream. Following trials over the past 12 months, the widespread rollout of new 5G networks in 2019 will see smartphone users in a growing number of major cities start to enjoy its enhanced capabilities. But one question remains: just how...

The chip is the size of a rice grain and can be injected under the skin using a needle. (Credit: iStock)

Have you ever lost your keys? Or couldn’t find your train ticket? In Sweden, a growing group of people have made such trivial problems a thing of the past. Their solution: a small microchip implanted under the skin.   This biochip allows them to enter their office, gym or home or unlock their computer or smartphone by...

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A "connected" hospital relies on IoT technology throughout its structure to improve both care support and patient satisfaction. (Credit: NXT Health)


At a time of digitalization, the health sector, like many others (industry, retail, banking, etc.), must reinvent itself. Patients have become more demanding with processing times, punctuality, quality, etc., and healthcare professionals are now scrutinized through applications. With the digital age, reputation and...

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Artificial Intelligence
AI is first and foremost at the service of machine manufacturers and large industrial groups. These groups, the GAFAs and their counterparts in China, want to take power today on a large scale.
Artificial intelligence concept (Credit: iStock)

Jean-Michel Besnier is a French philosopher who teaches at the Sorbonne University in Paris. His research focuses on the philosophical and ethical impact of science and technology on individual and collective representations and imagination. We met with him to talk about artificial intelligence.   MedicalExpo...

AI systems for the operating room. (Credit: Surgimate)

Digital Surgery, a UK-based health tech company recently launched its dynamic AI system to support surgical teams. The creators of this real-time artificial intelligence for hospital operating rooms are now looking to develop surgical robots to work alongside doctors.   Nearly a year on the technology is now in 160...

Business people (Credit: Christian Keenan/Getty Images)


Over the last few years technological developments have seen medical practitioners and organizations increasingly transition from reactive to proactive healthcare. While the use of predictive models to mitigate illness outbreaks is nothing new, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are now allowing these models to...

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The biggest innovative healthcare trends for 2019 are electronic medical records; blockchain systems; medical devices and telemedicine; AI and voice applications.
Florida has one of the United States’ biggest medical device manufacturing industries. (Credit: NovoTurismo)

The 29th FIME show took place in Florida from June 26-28. As the Sunshine State has emerged over the past decade as a leader in the fields of life sciences innovation and medical devices, over 1,200 companies from 40 countries came to Miami Beach to exhibit their new products. These included everything from orthopedic...

Doll model (Credit: Rogers Lab, Northwestern University)


At Northwestern University in the States, a team headed by bioelectronics pioneer John Rogers have developed two flexible wireless sensors with the aim of replacing current technology in prenatal intensive care units. In addition to being wireless, the sensors are battery-free and skinlike. The goal is to remove wires...

Vending machine sells HIV test kits in Chinese University. (Credit: Ruptly TV)

A project to offer free HIV self-testing kits via smart vending machines could soon be piloted in Australia.   Dr. Owain Williams, senior research fellow at the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health, is heading up the program hoping to reach those with the virus who are not currently being tested. He...


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Katherine Whelan is a British journalist based in London. She has been health correspondent for The Times and has written for a variety of other national newspapers and magazines.

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