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February Issue #39

February Issue #39

The Smart Magazine About Medical Technology Innovations

Patient Comfort

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Comfortable and friendly environments that suit the needs of individual patients can accelerate recovery times and minimize hospital stays. In this e-mag you’ll read about new equipment that is being developed to enhance patient comfort. Artistic and architectural concepts are also being created to have a positive impact on patient well-being, anxiety, stress and pain resistance.

We also investigated the digital future for healthcare in Africa for this issue and talked to the CEO of Deepomatic who explained how artificial intelligence will create an “augmented worker/doctor.” Last but not least, don’t miss the op-ed on cybersecurity in 2019 or our presentation of two start-ups that attended the Arab Health show in January.


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Flexible, adaptable environments that suit the needs of individual patients can accelerate recovery times and thereby minimize hospital stays.
Enhancing the patient experience has a number of benefits. (Credit: Philips)


Today there is strong competition in the healthcare market across the globe. In addition to delivering excellent clinical outcomes, healthcare providers must meet the burgeoning expectations of patients with regard to their time spent in the hospital. This has seen a growing focus on patient comfort and the...

The Illuminart project in hospital treatment rooms. (Credit: Art in the City)


The French association Art dans la Cité (Art in the City), a world leader of art-in-the-hospital since the year 2000, recently developed a fully new concept for treatment rooms. This new system, called “Illuminart,”  brings the patient into an immersive and interactive multimedia experience. The preliminary results are...

Seven-year-old Veronica from Uganda, who suffered severe burns and the loss of an arm as a baby. (Credit: e-NABLE)

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From screening apps for medical conditions to video games for vital training—digital technology is impacting healthcare in Africa, reaching remote locations and bringing cost-effective solutions to poverty-stricken areas. But the experts say it is important to ensure claims are based on evidence and local systems are...

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Industry News
The idea is that a human always remains in control and aware of the limits of the system he or she is creating.
"Image recognition is the most mature artificial intelligence technology out there today." (Credit: iStock)

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Created four years ago, Deepomatic is a French company that develops artificial intelligence software enabling the creation of image recognition systems. Their goal? To create an “augmented worker” or “doctor” who can focus on the most interesting and valuable tasks while the machine handles the easiest cases where a high...

The last three years have been marked by the emergence and media coverage of virulent cybersecurity attacks. (Credit: iStock)

Estimated at €2.7 billion in 2014, the French e-health market could reach a value of €4 billion next year. Shared medical records, surgical robots, teleconsultations and online doctors are all illustrations of what the technological revolution is providing the sector. However, in order to effectively operate,...

The HospitaCité project (Courtesy of VK Architects)


“HospitaCité” is a joint project between the Belgian firm VK Architects & Engineers and the French company Michel Rémon & Associés to renovate the Saint-Luc University Clinic in Brussels in order to make it “more human.” The goal is to reconnect the hospital to the university town and use the architecture to...

Fullpage KwickScreen
The Medtronic's MiniMed 670G system represents a breakthrough for the ten percent of diabetes sufferers with type 1. (Credit: Medtronic)

Patients with the most common form of diabetes could see their treatment transformed by an artificial pancreatic pump controlled by a mobile phone.    A recent study found that blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes significantly improved when using a pioneering insulin delivery system. Patients with the...

Banner Quantel Medical - Point of Care
A 3D-bioprinter with three extruders (Credit: CELLINK)

If 3D printing is set to be the great disrupter of global manufacturing, then bio-printing could be similarly transformative in the life sciences and regenerative medicine sectors. One company that sees great potential with the technology is American-Euro enterprise, CELLINK, which in the three years since it was...

"Albert" 3D scanner (Credit: Aetrex)

Aetrex, a global company specializing in comfort and wellness footwear, recently attended the Arab Health show held in Abu Dabi, Dubai, at the end of January to share its real-time foot analysis and solution.   After seven decades of work in the orthopedic field, today this little company based in New Jersey has...

Banner Arjo
Optima Molliter's foot-leg walker (Credit: Optima Molliter)


Italian start-up Optima Molliter has just launched an innovative foot-leg walker that can heal foot ulcers and improve a diabetic patient’s mobility. It won a CES award in January.   With its SBi Motus Smart foot-leg support, Optima Molliter wants to bring a “positive moving forward solution” to 50 million patients with...

Humanelektronik launched an assistive mouse adapter. (Credit: iStock)

Patients with diseases, disorders and conditions that cause significant tremors are now being given a helping hand to use a computer.   Germany-based Humanelektronik has just launched its AMAneo, an assistive mouse adapter which filters out shaky hand movements, explained marketing manager Ina Siemer. “This is a little...


Katherine Whelan

Katherine Whelan is a British journalist based in London. She has been health correspondent for The Times and has written for a variety of other national newspapers and magazines.

Brian Beary

Brian Beary is an independent writer, journalist, and editor based in Washington DC. He writes for, and appears on, a diverse range of print and audiovisual media outlets.

Monica Hutchings

Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is also our in-house English translator.

Abigail Saltmarsh

Abigail Saltmarsh is a freelance journalist with 25 years’ experience for national magazines (The New York Times, International Herald Tribune).

Dimitri Dubuisson

Journalist for 12 years, Dimitri Dubuisson is based in Brussels and covers mainly medical, health and social topics.

Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen is a writer and a photographer. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including CNN, BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Discovery Channel.

Celia Sampol

Celia Sampol has been a journalist for 15 years. She worked in Brussels and Washington for national medias (Agence France Presse, Liberation). She’s now the editor-in-chief of MedicalExpo e-magazine.

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