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Sponsored. Fully Virucidal Efficacy of MEIKO TopLine Proven in Testing

Sponsored. Fully Virucidal Efficacy of MEIKO TopLine Proven in Testing
Hygiene safety with the MEIKO TopLine. (Credit: MEIKO)

The new washer-disinfector series from MEIKO exhibits comprehensive decontamination and disinfection performance against all human-pathogenic viruses, a result confirmed by the accredited testing laboratory HygCen Germany GmbH.


After the full treatment process, no evidence of an infectious viral load was found on either urine bottles or bedpans. The reduction of at least four lg levels in the test virus load shows that MEIKO TopLine appliances achieve the required performance for the classification “unlimited virucidal.”

Professor Dr Friedrich von Rheinbaben, virologist at HygCen Germany GmbH, explained:

“We used a temperature-resistant test virus here, as required by the European standards. If a process can kill this virus, it will also be able to kill a whole host of other pathogens that are much easier to control. This is because the test virus is resistant to heat, disinfectants, environmental influences and other influences. That is what makes this expert opinion so valuable.”

The test series was conducted on the basis of the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 17111 with the intensive program, which includes a total of five cleaning steps and a final thermal disinfection with an A0 value of 3,000.

More Than Safe, Virucidally Safe

The “virucidal” classification includes efficacy against all human-pathogenic viruses, both enveloped viruses and—in contrast to “limited virucidal”—non-enveloped viruses. Marijan Simundic, Head of the Medical Technology Segment at MEIKO, said:

“This expert opinion is official proof that our new MEIKO TopLine appliances offer the highest level of efficacy and thus deliver reliable hygiene in the treatment of care utensils.”

Dr Thomas Peukert, CEO of the MEIKO Group. (Credit: MEIKO)
Dr Thomas Peukert, CEO of the MEIKO Group. (Credit: MEIKO)

According to the manufacturer, reliable hygiene was the top priority for the further development of this appliance series. For example, the MEIKO TopLine has an A0 value that goes all the way up to 12,000.

All treatment steps are also standardized and happen automatically, even as far as selecting and starting the right program for the specific care utensils thanks to the new load detection feature. This prevents application errors.

Independently Proven

Dr Thomas Peukert, CEO of the MEIKO Group, explained:

“It has always been important to us to give our customers the greatest possible confidence when it comes to their choice of manufacturer.”

For example, the company had already previously investigated the performance of its washer-disinfectors’ cleaning process in connection with Clostridium difficile spores as well as the efficacy of the entire product range in connection with SARS-CoV-2.

“And always achieved a very good result. Investigating and proving a ‘virucidal effect’ as part of independent testing was the next logical step.”

Products and Services Along the Hygiene Chain

As a hygiene specialist, MEIKO knows that infection prevention begins with choosing the right technology, but includes much more. For this reason, the company not only offers washer-disinfectors but also other products and services for central application areas of the hygiene chain like Doyen detergents and rinse aids approved specifically for cleaning processes in the MEIKO TopLine appliances.

It doesn’t stop there, however. MEIKO also provides the right advice and application, suitable services and workflows, and training by the MEIKO Academy. This one-stop shop offering is shown by the MEIKO Clean Solution Circle.

Author: Anne-Kathrin Huber, editor.