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Vaccines Made Fun

Children get vaccines in a virtual world. (Courtesy of VR Vaccine)

When you’re a kid, what could be more frightening than a needle? Getting vaccinated is a very scary experience, and platitudes like “it’s only a small needle” or “it will be over before you know it” don’t help much. Strategies such as “count the spots on the sticker” or “count backwards” work for some children, but not for the ones who are too afraid to even go into the vaccination room.

Cue Hermes Pardini Labs’ VR Vaccine created by Ogilvy Brazil. With the VR Vaccine the child wears a virtual reality headset with a scenario that includes the vaccine experience. Instead of the child asking if it will hurt, the nurse asks if he or she likes superheros. Right from the get-go, the tone is fun and positive instead of scary.

The child puts on the headset and is immersed in a world of superheros where having a “fire fruit” placed on his or her arm helps destroy a monster. No tears, no tantrums. How was the vaccine? Imagine the child responding “it was cool!”

About the Author

Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is also our in-house English translator.

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