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    Hélène Le Hors is a pediatric surgeon at Marseille’s Saint Joseph Hospital and president of HumaniTerra, a humanitarian NGO created 20 years ago to remedy the lack of surgical services in the world’s poorest regions. One of her missions is to operate on children aboard a hospital ship in Bangladesh.   MedicalExpo...


    Researchers from the University of Michigan and Seoul National University in South Korea have created a “kidney-on-a-chip” to mimic the flow of medication through human kidneys and measure its effect on kidney cells. In the initial study, scientists used a microfluidic chip device that sandwiches a thin, permeable...


    Scientists at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee are creating a device that could change the life of dialysis patients who must spend a lot of time undergoing treatment. They are building an implantable artificial kidney with microchip filters and living kidney cells that will be powered by a patient’s own heart. The...


    A two-year-old girl from Northern Ireland has become the first patient ever to undergo a kidney transplant using 3D printing to plan this highly complex operation. Lucy Boucher suffered heart failure as a baby, resulting in oxygen starvation throughout her body, including her kidneys. She was facing the prospect of...

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