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    With 127 millions diabetic adults in China alone—almost a quarter of the global diabetic population—the country’s experience with the diabetes epidemic has become a health disaster. To begin filling the need for tailored solutions, last year Chinese pharmaceutical giant Hunan China Sun paid $2 million for a 20% stake...


    With diabetes now a global health issue of epidemic proportions, the need for better blood glucose monitoring techniques is more urgent than ever. Yet the typically invasive nature of monitoring, which involves finger pricks, tests strips and portable blood glucose meters, has caused problems. Both type 1 and type 2...


    The quest to non-invasive blood glucose level monitoring is on. Two professors from Western New England University have created a small device that measures acetone on the patient’s breath. As acetone level has been linked to blood glucose level, it should be able to help patient know if they require insulin without...

    The revolutionary genome editing method, CRISPR-Cas9, broadens horizons immeasurably in the health field. Discovered four years ago, it makes it possible to rapidly, efficiently and cheaply modify the DNA of plants, animals and humans to correct genetic anomalies. However, changing the genetic code of human embryos to...

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