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    Hélène Le Hors is a pediatric surgeon at Marseille’s Saint Joseph Hospital and president of HumaniTerra, a humanitarian NGO created 20 years ago to remedy the lack of surgical services in the world’s poorest regions. One of her missions is to operate on children aboard a hospital ship in Bangladesh.   MedicalExpo...


    Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago used 3D printing to create a bioprosthetic mouse ovary. The printed “scaffold” consisted of filaments of hydrogel made from broken down collagen. Replacing the natural organ and housing transplanted immature eggs, they enabled mice to ovulate, give birth and nurse...

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    Clarius Mobile Health hopes to launch its new wireless ultrasound scanner by late 2016, assuming it receives the FDA’s 510(k) clearance and complies with Health Canada, CE, and other regional regulations. MedicalExpo e-mag asked Dave Willis*, Clarius Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, to describe the innovative...


    The Nuvo-Group, a specialist in the pregnancy wellness industry, has developed a wearable mobile monitor, the PregSense, to keep close and continuous watch on pregnant women and their fetuses. The device consists of an elastic harness equipped with sensors which provides data on the status of the fetus and the...

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