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#16 - New Trends in Radiology

The Book “MRI Made Easy” Is Now an iOS App

Courtesy of doRadiology

MRI Made Easy is a free, interactive app for iPhones and iPads designed to teach the principles of MR physics. Presented at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna in early March, the app comes from the book MRI Made Easy by Prof. Hans H. Schild, from Radiological University Hospital in Bonn, Germany.

Reimagined for iOS, this book is intended for “anyone who tries to teach medicine instead of just reporting medical facts” and for “anyone whose stumbling feet find the MRI path difficult,” according to the author.

The app can also quiz users about their understanding of MR physics, with answers that directly reference the full text.

About the Author

Celia Sampol has been a journalist for more than 15 years. She worked in Brussels and Washington for national medias (Agence France Presse, Liberation, Europolitics). She's the editor-in-chief of NauticExpo e-magazine and MedicalExpo e-magazine.

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