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#11 - Big Data and Telemedicine at Medica

Telemedicine Easy as P2P


If telesurgery designed for space exploration, as discussed in MiroSurge article, is not your idea of telemedicine, what Patientus is building may come closer. Plus, Patientus has the added benefit of a particularly easy-to-use graphic interface, which could simplify telemedicine both for patients and doctors.

HD Video Chat

This online video consultation tool doesn’t require any software or plug-in installation and works directly via a web browser. Its interface makes it possible to have HD video chats, to drag and scale each window and to exchange specific medical data such as X-ray images.

me11_patientus3Regarding security, “We provide high data security by not using servers but P2P connections,” explained Nicolas Schulwitz, Patientus CEO. P2P, or peer-to-peer, is a technology in which data exchanges require no centralized intermediary, and are therefore not an easy target for hackers.

Real Meeting Before Online Diagnosis

Patientus launched in August. Any licensed doctor can participate. The doctors pay a monthly fee, while patients can access the service for free then pay a fee set up by the doctor. The process is eased by the fact that the doctor and his patient are supposed to have met previously. “Patients need to have been to the doctor’s office once. In Germany, you can’t do online diagnosis,” explained Schulwitz.

Patientus’ next step could be wearables: The German start-up is working on APIs, which should make it possible to embed into the online consultation service data coming from medical wearable devices.


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