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    Hélène Le Hors is a pediatric surgeon at Marseille’s Saint Joseph Hospital and president of HumaniTerra, a humanitarian NGO created 20 years ago to remedy the lack of surgical services in the world’s poorest regions. One of her missions is to operate on children aboard a hospital ship in Bangladesh.   MedicalExpo...

    MRI machines can take a long time to produce the images needed—sometimes more than an hour. This can be challenging, especially for pediatric patients. To help babies stay perfectly still in the machine, doctors often use anesthesia, which represents an added risk for already fragile patients. To solve this problem,...


    The Phoenix Children’s Heart Center created a couple of years ago its own in-house Cardiac 3D Print Lab. Dr. Justin Ryan, lead research scientist at the lab, and Dr. Stephen Pophal, interventional cardiologist, explained to MedicalExpo how 3D printed models of babies’ hearts represent a tremendous aid in surgical...

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