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#8 – Innovative Tools For Fighting Obesity

Sensor-Based Blood Glucose Monitoring


A small device with big potential,Glucowise could be the end of painful and time-consuming blood glucose level testing for patients suffering from diabetes, a disease closely linked to obesity.

This new non-invasive glucose monitor is based on sensor technology combined with high-frequency radio wave transmission. Glucowise signals reach the capillary level, allowing the sensor to gather accurate blood analysis information.

British manufacturer MediWise, a “medtech knowledge-driven company that empowers individuals to take control of their health,” describes this tiny detector as a 100% pain-free device that allows users to monitor blood glucose levels without the need to pierce their skin.

Glucowise can be used quickly and discreetly. The test lasts no more than ten seconds and can be performed easily in many situations, from being stuck in traffic to being engaged in athletic activities. The monitor is held between thumb and forefinger or placed on the earlobe.

Results are immediate and can be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone or a tablet via a mobile app. The app and smart cloud technology deliver personalized advice and alerts to help users fully manage their diabetes. For example, Glucowise will use current and stored data to calculate and forecast trends in the user’s blood glucose levels, allowing adjustments in diet and medication.

Mediwise states that the highest security standards have been integrated into the Glucowise system to protect data and ensure that access is limited to the user. However, a person can choose to share selected data with medical professionals, family or friends.

Since testing takes place at the capillary rather than the skin level (where blood supply is limited), Glucowise is said to be more accurate than other non-invasive techniques. But potential buyers still need to wait before acquiring the new technology. Mediwise has announced that the first orders will be taken at the end of 2016.

Diabetes and obesity are so interrelated that the word “diabesity” has been coined

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