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#28 - Diabetes and IDS

Putting Pressure on Ulcers


Pressure ulcers are among the most dreaded dangers for diabetics, one caregivers have a hard time fighting. In response, Stryker, StiegelMeyer, ArjoHuntleigh and others offer anti-decubitus mattresses. The Czech company Linet has developed a comprehensive range of such products.
We interviewed Zdenka Chalabalova, clinical coach at Linet, to get an overview of the battle against pressure ulcers.

MedicalExpo e-Magazine: What’s the main risk of pressure ulcers for diabetics?

Zdenka Chalabalova: When a patient has diabetes, it’s particularly important to avoid any kind of foot injury, which can have tragic consequences. Today, there are no mattresses specifically for diabetics, but certain innovations can help.
Our Virtuoso range has four cells in the heel area which can be partially or completely deflated. That decreases the risk of foot injury. The “heel zoner” is currently an option, but we hope to make it standard in the future.

MedicalExpo e-Magazine: What kinds of pressure-control therapies are available for the entire mattress?

Zdenka Chalabalova: There are two main modes—the alternating pressure mode and the constant low-pressure mode. Constant low pressure is the simplest mode. Pressure cells adjust automatically to the patient’s weight thanks to scales built into the bed.
If the patients are comfortable with it, we tend to recommend the alternating pressure mode with a three-cell cycle. Two cells are inflated and one is deflated, so that the patient feels zero pressure in a specific zone. During the 7.5-minute cycle, each cell deflates every 2.5 minutes.

MedicalExpo e-Magazine: Why 7.5 minutes?

Zdenka Chalabalova: Studies show that if you change position on average at least 56 times during the night, you won’t suffer tissue damage. The 7.5-minute cycles alleviate pressure throughout the night.

MedicalExpo e-Magazine: Can you explain the microclimate management in your Symbioso brand?

Zdenka Chalabalova: The microclimate system continuously blows air between the cells. It’s a way to remove moisture and to ensure that the patient’s skin stays as dry as required. Microclimate management is also available in two modes—normal mode and reduced-noise sleep mode. In normal mode, 50 liters of air are pushed under a patient’s body every minute. In sleep mode, this drops to only 38 liters per minute.

MedicalExpo e-Magazine: You also describe your Symbioso brand as intelligent. What does that mean?

Zdenka Chalabalova: These mattresses automatically adjust pressure based on the patient’s weight. This is a major trend in our industry: More and more, mattresses will be able to determine the ideal pressure thanks to scales in the bed.

Learn more on anti-decubitus mattresses on MedicalExpo.

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