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#8 – Innovative Tools For Fighting Obesity

Patient’s diabetes data directly viewable on a smartphone


The American giant Medtronic received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a new device which offers a convenient way to manage diabetes. The MiniMed Connect allows users of Medtronic’s continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump to view data from those devices directly on their smartphones.

MiniMed Connect consists of a small device that easily fits in a pocket. This uploader securely transmits the pump and sensor data to either a mobile app or a web platform where users and their care providers can access it. The device also automatically sends a text alert to care providers and loved ones when glucose levels go too high or too low, or to indicate uncleared pump alarms.
Medtronic is partnering with Korea’s Samsung to optimize the viewing of those data on its devices. The Medtronic app will be available this fall, not only on Android devices but also on iOS devices (iPhone)

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