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{ArabHealth} Operating Rooms Go 7K

Minimally invasive surgery is increasingly used in operating rooms. Because the surgeon can no longer see the intervention area, image quality becomes crucial. While 4K and 3-D imaging are still rare in hospitals, VIMS Systems presented a generational leap at ArabHealth: 7K.

This heightened resolution gives the surgeon a real sense of depth.

At the Dubai fair, this imaging company demonstrated a minimally invasive surgery camera offering three times the resolution of a 4K camera. “To draw a parallel with photography, we use an imaging system with three times the number of pixels,” explained VIMS Systems founder Henri Fernandez in an interview with MedicalExpo e-Magazine. “In technical terms, we must handle three times 8 million pixels, 30 times per second. This heightened resolution gives the surgeon a real sense of depth.”


A Total Solution

Courtesy of VIMS Systems

Courtesy of VIMS Systems

Today, VIMS Systems offers the ArthroVIMS for arthroscopic surgery and the EndoVIMS for laparoscopy. “Our columns represent a total solution, including camera, screen, connections, etc. They are autonomous solutions which connect directly to the Internet.” Whether for actual operations or training, it is possible to have a 7K column without rewiring the operating room. On the other hand, using VIMS Systems tools in an integrated operating room requires fiber optics. A simple HD installation is insufficient for 7K.
Beyond the camera, one of the most innovative pieces of VIMS Systems equipment is the EndoVcover. The company developed a single-use, throw-away sheath for its 7K systems. This makes it possible to reuse the camera, ensuring maximum image quality. “Today, we’re presenting our 13th generation system. The goal remains the same—achieve maximum resolution while respecting the minimally invasive norm of 10 mm.”

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