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#14 - 3D Printing in Medicine

Maximum Potential for Minuscule Lab-On-A-Chip

Courtesy of Rutgers

“The bigger the better” does not always apply. The miniscule lab-on-a-chip recently developed by Rutgers University researchers measures only several square centimeters. Nevertheless, it is capable of performing the same assays as a normal laboratory by using microfluidics technology.

The huge advantage, apart from cost savings for apparatus, staff and chemicals, is that only  minuscule amounts of blood or other fluids are enough to conduct complex analyses— up to 90 percent less than for conventional tests.

This opens new dimensions in researching Parkinson’s disease and other central nervous system disorders. In addition, the tiny laboratory, equipped with miniaturized channels and valves, can detect HIV, Lyme disease and syphilis.

About the Author

Kristina Müller is a freelance journalist writing mainly about nautical and medical issues.

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