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#22 - FIME 2016 Special Issue

A Rapid Test for Chikungunya Virus

An A. aegypti mosquito that can spread chikungunya (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

A new rapid diagnostic test for the detection of chikungunya is now available from the New Delhi-based J. Mitra and Co. Showcased at FIME, the Advantage Chikungunya IgM Card is a one-step immunochromatography assay that detects chikungunya virus antigen in serum or plasma.


Serology detects IgM and neutralizing antibodies that develop towards the end of the first week of illness (≥4 days post-illness onset). The test is currently approved for marketing in India, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and GuatemalaAccording to Jatin Mahajan, managing director at J. Mitra, test results can be obtained within 15 minutes and the test offers excellent sensitivity of 97.5% and a specificity of 99.10%.

The assay uses a sandwich principle, in which the test sample of sera from the patient is introduced and flows laterally through an absorbent pad where it mixes with the conjugate. The complex then migrates through the nitrocellulose membrane by capillary action. When the complex reaches the line of immobilized capture reagents, it generates a pink purple line that indicates that the sample is reactive. The assay also uses a procedural control, an additional control line that has been immobilized at a distance from the test line on the strip. If the test is performed according to protocol, a pinkish purple line will form at the control region upon contact with the conjugate.

The Helps Support Clinical Findings

The rapid test permits early diagnosis and avoids problems in patients who aren’t able to follow up appropriately. Patients can be told of their diagnosis and get symptomatic treatment.

The rapid test permits early diagnosis and avoids problems in patients who aren’t able to follow up appropriately.

There is no vaccine or medicine to prevent chikungunya virus infections. Also, many countries where chikungunya virus is endemic lack specialist equipment and laboratory skills. An anti-chikungunya IgM detection kit helps support clinical findings in the assessment and differentiates the virus from other pathogens, including dengue fever.

The Advantage Chikungunya IGM Card requires no instruments and is a qualitative and visual test. Its shelf life is 18 months at 2 to 30 degrees Celsius. The kit is a biohazard free, see-through device, and it comes in a 10-test and 25-test pack size.

About the Author

Laura Newman is a New York-based medical writer that writes frequently about medical technological advances and health policy. She writes for the medical trade press, national health entities, and health care insurers.

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