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Our Top 2016 Stories

For the last issue of the year, we’ve selected our top stories of 2016 based on their innovative aspects. They cover a broad spectrum of subjects—artificial intelligence, genetic modification, 3D printing, virtual reality, robotics, exoskeletons and more. Here’s a little taste of innovation before sliding into 2017. Enjoy!

The revolutionary genome editing method, CRISPR-Cas9, broadens horizons immeasurably in the health...

It’s impossible to talk about artificial intelligence without mentioning IBM’s Watson. A pioneer in...

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine reported in mid-February in Nature...

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A surgeon, cancer specialist, and co-founder of virtual and augmented reality firm Medical...

Rapid diagnostic tests are high quality, low-cost and easy-to-perform tests for use in...

Could virtual reality be a complementary therapy to reduce pain and stress in cancer patients?...

It was in the 17th century that Englishman Robert Hooke first used a primitive microscope to sketch...

The da Vinci and similar robotic surgical systems have gained a solid reputation as...

Since its mainstream introduction in the 1980s, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has been used for...

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  • In-home health monitoring is reaching new heights. One of most impressive innovations at Medica...

    Clarius Mobile Health hopes to launch its new wireless ultrasound scanner by late 2016, assuming it...

    The use of augmented reality could change the world of healthcare and plastic surgery. ILLUSIO is a...

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    It’s good to know your weight. But it’s even better to know your muscle, bone and fat mass, as well...

    Imagine a temporary “second skin” able to hide wrinkles in a matter of minutes. Scientists at MIT and...

    The Micra Transcatheter Pacing System is 2.5 cm long and 93 percent smaller than conventional...

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    Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen is a writer and a photographer. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including CNN, BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Discovery Channel.

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    Celia Sampol

    Celia Sampol has been a journalist for 15 years. She worked in Brussels and Washington for national medias (Agence France Presse, Liberation). She’s now the editor-in-chief of MedicalExpo e-magazine.

    Read More

    Ludovic Nachury

    Ludovic Nachury has been innovation enthusiast for more than 10 years.

    Read More

    Howard Wolinsky

    Howard Wolinsky is a Chicago-based freelance journalist specializing in health-care topics.

    Read More

    Laura Newman

    Laura Newman is a New York-based medical writer who writes frequently about medical technological advances and health policy.

    Read More

    Kristina Müller

    Kristina Müller is a freelance journalist writing mainly about nautical and medical issues.

    Read More

    Jane MacDougall

    Jane MacDougall is a freelance medical writer and journalist based near Paris.

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    Christina Kuhrcke

    Christina Kuhrcke is a Berlin-based freelance journalist, doctor and digital storyteller.

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