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    A Brand New Cyber-Body

    Exoskeletons enabling patients with no feeling in their legs to walk the aisles. A connected hand prosthesis providing a new left hand to a patient who never had one. Wheelchairs turned into Segways, and more.

    What is still known as rehabilitation may soon be called by a different name. It’s becoming a brand new medical field where fascinating new cyber-equipment could change patients’ lives completely.
    What’s more, you’ll be able to hear from these very patients in this 13th issue of MedicalExpo e-magazine. The focus is on Rehacare, one of the most interesting of all trade shows, where demos are not performed by salespeople, but by real patients using the equipment.

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    Severely paralyzed...no feeling in the legs...but walking!

    Exoskeletons are on the way. Our video report will show you how today’s paralyzed patients are able to walk the aisles of a trade show. The technological achievement of putting on their feet people who can’t feel them, is reaching maturity, with companies like Ekso Bionics and ReWalk articulating clear...

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    What if missing fingers or an entire hand were much less onerous for patients ?

    Hand prostheses have made an impressive technological leap in recent years. Among the companies behind this revolution, Touch Bionics stands out as one of the pioneers.

    We wanted to meet them at Rehacare to learn how their i-limbs connected prosthetic hands work. Instead, the meeting turned into a discussion with two users of these hands who demonstrated everything they could do with them.

    Innovation Focus
    We needed to be on the forefront of these healthcare innovations
    Courtesy of New York-Presbyterian Hospital


    Based in metropolitan New York, the NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the United States most highly rated and biggest hospitals. Providing care for more than two million patients with a staff of nearly 29,000 healthcare professionals is a challenge that can be more readily met by embracing new technologies. The...

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    Celia Sampol

    Celia Sampol is a journalist with 13 years of experience in Paris, Brussels and Washington. She’s now the editor-in-chief of MedicalExpo e-magazine.

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    Ludovic Nachury

    Ludovic Nachury has been innovation enthusiast for more than 10 years.

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    Nishita Chandra

    Nishita Chandra is a research associate at IQ4I Research and Consultancy pvt, Ltd.

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    Kristina Müller

    Kristina Müller is a freelance journalist writing mainly about nautical and medical issues.

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    Jane MacDougall

    Jane MacDougall is a freelance medical writer and journalist based near Paris.

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