Iron Man-Like Arm

Iron Man-Like Arm

The start-up UniExo develops modular robotic exoskeleton devices to help people with injuries and mobility problems restore their motor functions. Their wearable devices look like a robotic arm or leg and are designed to improve rehabilitation for all limbs.


Under the remote supervision of a doctor, the device detects the body position and then uses a robotic algorithm to formulate a unique rehabilitation program. It is designed to help people with disabilities, paraplegics, broken bone sufferers, osteoporosis patients and people undergoing physical therapy to restore movement. Anton Holovachenko, a young Ukrainian founder of UniExo, explained:

“I was inspired by Marvel’s hero’s robotic arm, Iron Man.”

The use of exoskeletons as a tool to augment a physical rehabilitation program provides automated measurements of patient progress and allows free movement for people with disabilities in a comfortable and safe form, without being assisted by anyone else. A spokesman for the company said:

“UniExo exoskeleton devices reduce the recovery period from injuries by assisting and supporting patients outside the healthcare facilities using modular exoskeletons. Our personalized physical rehabilitation solution can help regain and assist  limb mobility for 1.3 billion suffering people in the world.”

The company is based in the Ukraine and the US. Their product was named in the top five rehabilitation devices by the global data science company StartUs Insights.


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