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#36 - Ergonomics for Caregivers

{Hospitalar} Totally Mobile X-Ray Device


Mascote Dynamic mobuile X-ray machine (Courtesy of CDK)

Manufactured by Brazilian firm CDK, this mobile x-ray equipment is particularly useful in cases where patients are completely bedridden.

Using the modern technology of high-frequency generators, the fully independent nature of this device allows it to be used in any hospital or home care location. With a touch sensitive screen, the device comes with 256 set programs. Another option is a control that allows instant access to 20 selected pre-programed options.

Made of duralumin, a material that combines durability and lightness, the Mascote Dynamic X-ray machine is part of a range created by CDK. All the equipment operates on a single-phase power supply and constant wave potential, which reduces both radiation and time of exposure, as well as increasing accuracy.

About the Author

A native of São Paulo, Ana Luiza Daltro is a freelance journalist specialized in economics and business, writing for magazines such as EXAME and VEJA.

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