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{Hospitalar} The Latin American Market on the Rise

Latin America and Brazil are markets of great potential. (Court. of Reuters)

In late May the city of São Paulo hosted the Brazilian health care exhibition Hospitalar, marking the 25th anniversary since its inception. Latin America and Brazil in particular are markets of great potential.


More than 41,000 visitors from 60 countries had the opportunity to explore the latest products and services shown by 1,200 exhibitors. Hospitalar is currently the third biggest exhibition of its kind in the world.

“Brazilian health care companies are internationally competitive and have been doing their best to innovate.”

“Health care companies worldwide consider that both Latin America and Brazil in particular are markets of great potential. The large and aging population, the increase in chronic diseases, the need for more investment in order to sufficiently fund appropriate levels of care, as well as the advance in technology are some of the factors that explain why companies of an international scale pay special attention to both these markets; especially those companies who can offer quality solutions at a reasonable cost,” said Rodrigo Moreira, director for Brazil of the Life Science unit of UBM, the company that organizes and promotes Hospitalar.

Many of the exhibition highlights stem from Brazilian organizations. “Brazilian health care companies are internationally competitive and have been doing their best to innovate,” said Moreira. The success of Brazilian companies in this event owes much to the Brazilian Health Devices initiative, which was established in 2002 by the Brazilian Medical, Dental and Hospital industries as well as the Laboratory Articles and Equipment Association, along with the federal government’s agency responsible for promoting the country’s exports.

60,000 Jobs in Brazil

This initiative collates the industries as well as their products and solutions under its own brand and represents them internationally helping them adapt their infrastructure to supply foreign markets. A total of 165 exporting companies are currently part of Brazilian Health Devices.

Courtesy of UBM Brazil

According to the initiative, the Brazilian medical industry is not only capable of supplying 90% of internal market demands but also of exporting to over 180 countries, creating more than 60,000 jobs in Brazil. Since it was created, the project has increased Brazilian exports in this sector by over 260%.

The significant number of startups was also a mark of Hospitalar 2018, which even had a dedicated section for them at the exhibition. “Startups are pushing the whole sector towards disruptive changes in which new solutions bring efficiency gains, cost reductions and enhance the process of dehospitalization. This is a hugely growing scenario that is taking place not only in Brazil, but all over the world. And it is already changing the relationship between doctors and patients,” said Moreira.

About the Author

A native of São Paulo, Ana Luiza Daltro is a former economics and business reporter from VEJA magazine who currently writes for three e-magazines within VirtualExpo group.

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