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{Hospitalar} Neonatal Care Meets IoT


Duetto 2386 (Courtesy of Fanem)

Connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) is the essence of the new line of neonatal equipment offered by Brazilian firm Fanem at Hospitalar 2018. The incubators and heated cots Duetto 2386 incorporate their MultiConnect platform (it’s already used in the company’s specialized refrigerators).

“Hospital environments and equipment are getting more and more inter-connected. This type of resource will increasingly become a requirement of health institutions,” said Djalma Luis Rodrigues, Fanem’s executive director. The IoT is already revolutionizing the clinical processes and administration of health institutions. It allows for better monitoring of the treatment offered to patients and also the improvement of these treatments. Sensors and connections in analysis and diagnosis not only reduce risk and uncertainty but also help in the structuring of more effective health programs.

Fanem uses the most advanced communication protocols on the market, enabling the data to be stored in the cloud. Whether using bluetooth, wi-fi or ethernet, it is possible to connect the incubators and heated cots to a computer network, allowing data access to be stored in the software or through remote storage. The clinical engineering teams responsible for the equipment maintenance can also benefit immensely from IoT, as the technology also enables access to technical information such as calibration and other maintenance data.

About the Author

A native of São Paulo, Ana Luiza Daltro is a former economics and business reporter from VEJA magazine who currently writes for three e-magazines within VirtualExpo group.

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