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    #25 - Live From MEDICA

    Home Breast Cancer Detection


    Improving home breast cancer screening (Courtesy of Voisin/Phanie/Science Source)

    In-home health monitoring is reaching new heights. One of most impressive innovations at Medica 2016 is the Braster, which improves home breast cancer screening. This sleek device acts as a smart, connected thermal camera, able to detect the thermal markers of breast cancer. After a 15-minute self-examination, a woman using the Braster sends the images via WiFi to Braster.

    The company’s proprietary algorithm is used to detect suspicious patterns. If any are found, Braster specialists analyze the data and relay the information. Even though the Braster cannot provide a definitive diagnosis, which can come only from ultrasound or mammography, its results also can be sent to a treating physician.

    (Hall 15/A17)


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