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    Health Records Go Global

    Courtesy of Ncord

    Electronic health records are often available locally, more rarely nationally and never globally. This can make it difficult to identify existing conditions and to enter medical data in patient files accessible by other physicians. NCord, an Indian-based biotech company, is trying to meet this challenge with its eHealth Card service.


    “In various countries, you get multiple files of paper after surgery. Think of a traveler. It’s not possible for him to carry this paper, and therefore his medical records,” explained Ashutosh Priyadarshi, NCord’s Strategy head.

    Patients are provided a unique login and password. This allows them to update basic details such as name and address, and… almost nothing else.

    To ensure HIPAA compliance, NCord restricted medical data alterations to medical professionals.

    “Nowadays, most hospitals have digitized information. A patient with an eHealth Card could ask his doctor to update his profile with multiple sets of data, such as an X-ray, a blood test, and more. We are also working on integration with pharmacies so that they could receive automatically an ePrescription.”

    First Tests in India

    Even though NCord is talking about global use of its service, the company tested it initially in Indian cities. Tests in other locations should start in a couple of months. The company will give users a card, particularly valuable in case of an accident.

    “If I have an accident all of a sudden, someone will bring me to the hospital, with nobody knowing me. With the card, a doctor would just have to enter the 16 digits printed on the card, add my name and mobile and get access to my health record. Next of kin will also get an SMS alert.”

    The eHealth Card service is free to medical professionals. Patients are asked to pay through one of three different plans—an interesting business plan, but a tough one, since most patients are not used to paying for such services.


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