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{FIME} The New Leo is Launched


Leonardo DR mini II (Photo: OR Technology)

At only 8.9 kg, the second generation of the OR Technology’s portable X-ray machine Leonardo DR mini is even lighter than its predecessor. The device showcased at FIME 2018 is available in two versions (24cm x 30 cm or 35cm x 43 cm). It can be used in home care, veterinary practice and disaster sites as well as emergency treatment on ships, yachts and oil platforms, for example.

The robust and easy-to-clean case contains the machine and the auxiliary accessories: a 17″ laptop that can be easily removed and used as a tablet in presentations, a wireless CsI X-ray detector using a caesium iodide (CsI) scintillator (guaranteeing optimal image quality even with low X-ray doses) and a guide for patient positioning.

The battery-operated system can run continuously for over four hours. And the Leonardo DR mini II is also pretty fast: within six or eight seconds after taking the shot, the X-ray image is already available. Additionally, the simple graphical user interface (GUI) can be operated by either touchscreen or mouse.

At the heart of each Leonardo system is the dicomPACS®DX-R diagnosis software, which provides global, rapid and inexpensive consultations via e-mail or the OR Technology Cloud Archiving (ORCA) services.

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A native of São Paulo, Ana Luiza Daltro is a former economics and business reporter from VEJA magazine who currently writes for three e-magazines within VirtualExpo group.

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