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FIME 2019: Florida Continues to Attract Medical Device Manufacturers 

Florida has one of the United States’ biggest medical device manufacturing industries. (Credit: NovoTurismo)

The 29th FIME show took place in Florida from June 26-28. As the Sunshine State has emerged over the past decade as a leader in the fields of life sciences innovation and medical devices, over 1,200 companies from 40 countries came to Miami Beach to exhibit their new products. These included everything from orthopedic implants, surgical displays and wearable devices to blood glucose monitoring systems.


Florida has one of the United States’ biggest medical device manufacturing industries. Leading companies such as Bolton Medical have their headquarters there. Thanks to its location, Florida gives an easy access to the US Latin American and South American markets.

According to the FIME report on Healthcare Innovation and the Digital Health Landscape in Latin and North America, the biggest innovative healthcare trends for 2019 are electronic medical records; blockchain systems; medical devices and telemedicine; artificial intelligence and voice applications.

Here are a few of the innovations presented during the show:

>>> O2xitone: It is described as the “first FDA-cleared wrist blood oxygen sensor.” This practical smart wearable device gives the user insights in order to track and manage disease, identify issues for early intervention and  avoid hospitalizations.

>>> The Rightest GM700 Pro: This new device features a professional blood glucose meter and related software. With this system, all inpatient blood glucose readings can be recorded and integrated automatically into a hospital data management system via wireless data transmission.

>>> Anscare SIMO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: This new device is used to promote wound healing in acute, chronic and burn wounds. It promotes blood circulation improvement and exudate management through negative pressure by connecting tubing from a pocked-sized pump to the dressing.

The next FIME show will take place from June 23-25, 2020.


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