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    {EXPOSANITA} FINESSIS, a New Era for Surgical Gloves

    FINESSIS showcased its surgical gloves at Exposanita (Courtesy of FINESSIS)

    FINESSIS showcased its new range of surgical gloves during the Exposanita international healthcare exhibition, 18-20 May in Bologna. These gloves are made using a revolutionary material—Flexylon.


    FINESSIS presented its line of Aegis surgical gloves manufactured using an innovative three-layer technology. The two outer layers of thermoplastic elastomer enclose an inner layer containing a disinfecting liquid in droplet-like compartments.

    For maximum safety during use, the disinfecting liquid is totally isolated from both the wearer’s skin and the patient. This innovative structure has been designed to offer additional protection in the event of a blood exposure accident involving a hollow needle, a scalpel, a suture needle or any other object.

    If a glove is punctured, the pressure on the outer film forces the liquid out. The disinfectant is “released only when it is needed, only where it is needed, and only in the amount that is needed,” according to the FINESSIS website. The company states that the efficacy of these surgical gloves has been demonstrated during in vitro tests conducted with enveloped viruses, including HIV and the human hepatitis C viral surrogate.

    Flexylon, a Revolutionary Material

    In contrast to other medical equipment, surgical glove technology has remained nearly unchanged. The innovation introduced by FINESSIS is the use of a revolutionary technology to produce the Flexylon glove.

    Mechanical protection is provided by its two outer layers of a special composition of high-performance synthetic elastomer. Flexylon is formed as a solid cast film without the vulcanization or crosslinking agents used in conventional glove coatings. This eliminates almost all pinholes and other microdefects.

    Aegis gloves are suitable for orthopedics, trauma and high-risk surgical procedures.

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