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{ECR} The Ultrasound Scanner Ready for AI


The new GE Healthcare LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound (Courtesy of GE)

GE Healthcare launched new Logiq E10 ultrasound scanner at the ECR this year. Logiq E10 is an ultrasound scanner which collects and reconstructs data in a way that is optimized for future AI. GE states that compared to previous systems the scanner allows for 10 times the processing power and 48 times the data throughput. With Logiq E10 the whole image is also constantly in focus for the duration of the exam, thus eliminating the need for focal zones and creating more uniform images. The scanner is designed to be able to process large volumes of data with graphics processing units included in its architecture. This optimizes it for future AI which requires massive volumes of data.

Among other items, GE’s stand also displayed Senographe Pristina Dueta, a system allowing women to control their own breast compression (first introduced at RSNA 2017) with a new device still being tested that attaches to the system and gives users more feedback on how to control their compression. There was also Revolution Frontier, another item launched at RSNA 2017, a 128-slice CT scanner designed to facilitate spectral CT imaging.


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