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{ECR} Quality Images Faster!


The new Ingenia Elition (Courtesy of Philips)

At the ECR 2018, Royal Philips launched the Ingenia Elition MR solution, the newest addition to its line of MR innovations. The Ingenia Elition is a digital 3.0 T MRI solution that integrates the latest technology and cuts exam time by up to 50% without losing any image quality.

New sensor technology VitalEye means that it is possible to intelligently detect signs of breathing without operator interaction, reducing exam time setup to less than a minute. Ambient Experience in-bore Connect reduces patient stress by giving them a relaxing audio-visual atmosphere. This further improves the patient experience and enables radiologists to handle more patients each day.

The VitalScreen gives operators fully guided patient setup with a new user interface that optimizes workflow. All of these innovations mean that the Ingenia Elition provides quality imaging faster, leading to more direct diagnosis while making patients feel more comfortable and confident.


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