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{ECR} The Future of MRI Technology


The new Magnetom Sola (Courtesy of Siemens Healthineers)

In Vienna at this year’s ECR (European Conference of Radiology) from February 28 to March 4, Siemens Healthineers introduced Magnetom Sola, its new 1.5 Tesla field strength MRI scanner using BioMatrix technology.

In addition to the existing respiratory sensor, the Magnetom Sola has added two new BioMatrix sensors. As its name indicates, the Beat Sensor is designed to automatically capture heart motion. It is integrated into the new body coil and avoids the lengthy process of placing electrodes on the patient’s skin. The Kinetic Sensor uses an in-bore camera system to determine the patient’s head motion in real-time which is particularly useful as movement can compromise MRI results and require rescans, which can be quite expensive. The Kinetic Sensor can adjust the MRI scan and provide higher quality MR images by reducing motion artifacts.

With the Magnetom Sola, Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS) can be widely used in TSE sequences. The fact that multiple slices can be taken at the same time in combination with the use of AI to automate routine tasks means that MRI productivity is significantly increased. These are just a few of the features that make the Magnetom Sola the new standard in quality MRI technology and a springboard for future AI developments.

Read more about MRI systems on MedicalExpo website.

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