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#14 - 3D Printing in Medicine

Dubai’s Hospital of the Future

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Courtesy of Drsulaiman Alhabib

Presented at ArabHealth in Dubai in late January, the newly opened  Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Digital Hospital in the United Arab Emirates biggest city is fully equipped with the latest technology, making it a real hospital of the future.

Smart App

It starts with the hospital’s app through which a patient can find the most suitable doctor and make an appointment online. In a second, the patient receives a confirmation SMS and, within 24 hours, a call to confirm, cancel or postpone the appointment.


Courtesy of GE Healthcare

Paperless Hospital

On the first visit, the hospital scans a patient’s ID and records his or her biometrics. Even the consent form is digitized. On subsequent visits, only a fingerprint scan is necessary for immediate access to the patient’s digital records. Another benefit of a paperless hospital is that patients can have access to their own medical records via their phone; doctors also can examine their patients’ records anytime, even from home, and prescribe medication as needed.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

In partnership with GE Healthcare, the hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art radiology department. For example, patients can choose and manage an enhanced audiovisual experience during their MRI or CT scans. Designed for adults and children alike, a range of 11 “themes” can be selected on an iPad before entering the examination room. During the scan, patients see images representing the chosen theme on a large ceiling-mounted screen, while ambient lighting and music help put them at ease. They can even choose music from their own media library.


Courtesy of GE Healthcare

Ambulance with Google Glass

The hospital has one emergency ambulance equipped with Google Glass. The unit is worn like a pair of glasses by the emergency medical technician, enabling en-route communication with the hospital doctor. The technician also can send pictures and videos.

Modern Connected Rooms

Rooms are specially designed to help patients relax, providing them with WiFi access, a smart bedside tablet to view prescription and medical records, talk to family, watch movies or control room lights, curtains, AC, etc. The hospital also likes to keep a watchful eye on its patients. For example, a camera atop each nursery crib enables a new mother to watch her newborn from her own room.

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