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{ArabHealth} “So Much Data Is Available at Our Fingertips”


Digital solutions have become the norm in the healthcare arena. Many hospitals are moving toward delivering efficient care to their patients in real time, meaning that Big Data is increasingly important to improving data sharing, particularly across a global network of interconnected healthcare providers.

There has been much excitement over the promises that Big Data offer

To address the ‘future of data-driven healthcare’ at this year’s ArabHealth exhibition, the Big Data Conference returned for the fifth consecutive year addressing topics such as population health, electronic health records, clinical decision support and IT security in a healthcare setting. Ahead of chairing the conference, Dr. Aaron Han, acting chief medical officer, American Hospital Dubai, sat with MedicalExpo e-Magazine to offer some insight into this subject. He said, “There has been much excitement over the promises that Big Data offer. In Dubai, we are starting to see how its application will elevate patient health and outcomes.”

Finding Ways to Analyse Data

One place to look is at smaller chunks of data called data sets

Big Data is gathered from various sources and constitutes various types of data. Coupled with the sheer volume of data and its continual exponential growth, it becomes more imperative to find ways to analyze it before using it effectively. “So much data is available at our fingertips, that before we start to analyze it effectively, we need to sift through data and work with what is accurate and viable. One place to look is at smaller chunks of data, called data sets, as they will have the most clinical impact while looking at the epidemiology of diseases such as diabetes and obesity that are prevalent in the region.”

The power of Big Data is here to stay and it will redefine the job of healthcare professionals. “Generally, healthcare professionals prefer to work with more traditional approaches when treating patients. However, those who’ve already made the shift by adapting to latest technologies are already reaping the benefits. By working smarter, they’ve witnessed that not only patient outcomes have improved, but their everyday clinical practices has been enhanced as they start to use Big Data in an effective manner.”

About the Author

Jan D'Sa is a Dubai-based reporter and technical writer.

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