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#10 – Live From Medica Issue

Double Dose of Augmented Reality

Not that long ago, with its Google Glass, Google generated strong buzz for augmented reality (adding images to a real-world environment). Medical applications were often mentioned as some of the most promising areas of development for this technology.

Even though Google suspended its Glass program, other contenders still firmly believe in augmented reality applied to medicine, such as California-based Evena, with its dual lens glass product.

Hands-Free Vascular Identification

On the right side, the Eyes-On Glasses provide a standard lens allowing to access, hands-free, pictures or videos. Its specificity lies on the other side, with the multi-spectral lighting system.

This unique technology, relying on two frontal cameras, allows medical professionals to visualize hands free the vasculature of a patient and therefore to choose quickly and, more important, efficiently the right location for intravenous placement.

Two Hours of Battery Life

At Medica, Frank Ball, Evena’s CEO, explained to us that Eyes-On Glasses are now FDA and CFDA certified and that CE certification is expected for the beginning of 2016.

One of the most interesting characteristics of this device is its autonomy. “Google Glasses didn’t last more than 30 minutes. Our product’s battery life is two hours. And it’s hot swappable, meaning you can easily put in a charged battery in the OR.”

Evena is a young company. Its first product, a portable vein finder just launched in 2013. However, they are still working with partners to feed their Glasses with new information flows, such as the ones coming from laparoscopic imaging.

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