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{ConhIT} Talking Instead of Typing

Dragon Medical One reduces the time spent by physicians typing (Courtesy of Nuance)

Saving time always matters. In hospitals, it means saving lives. Nuance Communications, supplier of speech and imaging technologies, offers with Dragon Medical One dictation technology that may significantly reduce the time spent by physicians typing patient records.


Dragon Medical One is a secured cloud-based speech recognition platform developed for fast, easy, mobile patient documentation.

“We offer up to 22 different languages, including different accents such as Swiss or Austrian German,” explained Milko Jovanoski, International Marketing Manager for Healthcare at Nuance, in an interview with MedicalExpo“Users can also operate the system with voice navigation. Studies show that doctors can save 30 minutes or more a day like this.” Dictionaries for different fields of medicine are provided, be it radiology, surgery or internal medicine.

Studies show that doctors can save 30 minutes or more a day like this.

Dragon Medical One turns any workstation into a “dictation station.” It can be installed on a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, workstations and tablets. The installation takes only a few minutes and updates are installed automatically. Voice profile training is not necessary; the technology includes accent detection and automatic microphone calibration. Vocabulary can be personalized and individual user profiles improve the quality of the records.

Enhancing Physician Mobility

The software is compatible with most leading electronic patient records systems (EHR) such as Epic, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, athenahealth, MEDITECH, GE and McKesson. In addition, 256-bit encryption channels using TLS protocols ensure that voice files are securely transferred to the EHR.

Integration of Nuance’s narrative capture solution into clinical work is easy. The doctor just opens the client application, places the cursor where the text should appear and dictates notes or patient history. It is transcribed in real time and transferred to the cloud and into the EHR. “Like this staff that works elsewhere or takes over after the change of shift can access the data almost simultaneously,” says Jovanoski. “Time consuming handovers become dispensable.”

The software is compatible with most leading electronic patient records systems (EHR).

Dragon Medical One enhances physician mobility and clinical workflow beyond hospital walls. It can be used in the office, at home or in the car. However, the private cloud solution currently is only available in the U.S. market.

The same product is offered in Europe as Dragon Medical 360 Direct. In the European version, access to data is only granted to users who are directly connected to the central hospital server.

Nuance’s Dragon Medical One was showcased at the Berlin conhIT Conference, from 19-21 April.


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