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#17 - New Trends in Cardiology

{ConhIT} Improving Video Management in the OR

Improving Video Management in the Operating Room (Courtesy of EIZO)

The German manufacturer EIZO presented new operating room software at the conhIT Conference in Berlin from 19-21 April. CuratOR Caliop offers centralized control of image and video management systems with the option of integrating all important patient data.

The software allows the user to select video signals easily and switch to different output devices, such as monitors, streaming encoders and recording hardware. EIZO video technology enables multiple signals to be displayed on one 8-megapixel monitor in different layouts.

It also facilitates the documentation (photos and screenshots in HD quality) of all video signals networked with CuratOR Caliop. This makes video materials available for documents, insurance providers and training purposes. The Caliop Connection add-on connects hospital IT infrastructure and patient electronic health records (EHR) to Caliop, while features like the dashboard, stopwatch and countdown facilitate use.

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