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#43 - MEDICA Special Issue

An AI Device to Treat Wounds

AI to treat skin ulcers. (Credit: Omnidermal)

The Italian artificial intelligence company Omnidermal Biomedics was formed in 2017 by three engineers with a shared vision of transforming healthcare. They combined their skills, expertise and experience to develop devices that support healthcare professionals in diagnosis and care with a particular focus on the collection and documentation of accurate and objective data.


Their first creation, WoundViewer, is the first ever biomedical device for monitoring contagious ulcers based on artificial intelligence. The app reduces the time needed to treat wounds from 20 minutes to just two minutes, according to the company. 

WoundViewer (Credit: Omnidermal)

Woundviewer objectively and quantitatively evaluates wounds in a standardized manner, guarantees a subsequent and comparative study of cutaneous ulcer healing and informs medical personnel immediately if the condition worsens.

This technology, which will be showcased at Medica 2019, automatically provides the medic with the clinical parameters necessary to evaluate and monitor the pathological state of skin ulcers, from tissue segmentation and ulcer classification to wound area, volume and depth.

Omnidermal Biomedics was founded by Marco Farina, a biomedical engineer with a background in implantable medical devices, Jacopo Secco, co-founder and CTI, said:

Through the device the physician is able to classify and measure contaminous ulcers within seconds by just  snapping a picture. Moreover he is able to share all the data with the nurses and operators that take care of the patient.”

About the Author

Katherine Whelan is a British journalist based in London. She has been health correspondent for The Times and has written for a variety of other national newspapers and magazines.

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