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#19 – Minimally Invasive Surgery

{INFOGRAPHICS} Scarless Robotic Breast Surgery


The da Vinci and similar robotic surgical systems have gained a solid reputation as helpful colleagues, facilitating complex procedures for numerous surgeons. But what if robot-assisted minimally-invasive surgery also could provide cosmetic benefits?

A French-based cancer research institute is testing the da Vinci in a brand new procedure whose real benefit is more cosmetic than medical. Though accepted as a sometimes necessary tool to fight breast cancer, mastectomy is one of the procedures most dreaded by patients, partly because of the resultant scars. This prompted the Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France, to launch MARCI, a trial study of a new procedure that leaves no breast scars thanks to the da Vinci Xi robot. The first results are promising, with a scar both limited to the armpit and much smaller (4-5 cm).

We interviewed Dr. Benjamin Sarfati, who conducted this trial. Check our infographics to learn more about his work.

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