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    #30 June 15, 2017

    The Lab Goes 4.0

    Clinical laboratories are inherently technological wonders, filled with some of the world’s most advanced innovations.


    #29 May 11, 2017

    Clouds on the Horizon

    Five billion US dollars spent on cloud-based healthcare services in 2017. Funneling data in and out of...

    #28 March 23, 2017

    Ending Diabetic Burnout

    The diabetes global epidemic requires not only preventative action, such as healthful diets, but also worldwide innovation to...

    #27 February 2, 2017

    Newborn Medicine

    Virtual reality and wearables have been buzzwords in the medical field for a few years. In this issue, we...

    #26 December 15, 2016


    For the last issue of the year, we’ve selected our top stories of 2016 based on their...

    #25 November 15, 2016

    Live From MEDICA

    This month, MedicalExpo E-mag is traveling to Düsseldorf to attend the MEDICA international trade fair. Our special issue...

    #24 October 27, 2016

    Innovations With Teeth

    Open wide! But just your eyes. This new issue of MedicalExpo e-mag focuses on dental innovations. Read why...

    #23 September 22, 2016

    Greetings From the Lab

    For this new edition of MedicalExpo e-magazine, we are opening the doors of the laboratory. You’ll find...

    #22 August 25, 2016

    FIME 2016: A Taste of the Americas

    It describes itself as the “largest medical trade fair on the biggest medical device...

    #21 July 7, 2016

    A Future Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

    The words “artificial intelligence” might sound scary. Yet they are ever more present in many...

    #20 June 23, 2016

    Revolutionary Limb Prostheses: The Feel Again

    Today’s new myoelectric and brain-controlled limb prostheses are so ingenious that they can let users...

    #19 May 26, 2016

    The Minimally Invasive Revolution

    Same-day hip replacements and mastectomies that leave no scars under the breast: In this issue of the...

    #18 May 12, 2016

    The Rise of the Robot Surgeon

    Welcome to the amazing world of surgical robots able to perform minimally invasive surgery. You...

    #17 April 21, 2016

    Deep Inside the Heart

    Three-D printed models of newborns' hearts, biodegradable stents, cardiac MRI showing the heart in seven dimensions, innovative...

    #16 March 31, 2016

    When Imaging Goes Hybrid

    "The future of radiology is bright," according to Katrine Åhlström Riklund, president of ECR 2016 and professor...

    #15 March 3, 2016

    3D Printing in Surgery

    The future is definitely now. Beyond the ability to produce any kind of prosthetic or implant, the...

    #14 February 18, 2016

    3D Printed Humans

    A 3D printed skull, jaw, ear, heart, kidney, hip, hand and more. The list is long. This new...

    #13 January 21, 2016

    A Brand New Cyber-Body

    Exoskeletons enabling patients with no feeling in their legs to walk the aisles. A connected hand...

    #12 January 7, 2016

    Imaging's New Horizons

    Ongoing improvement in imaging techniques is considered perfectly normal. However, a complete overhaul of those techniques is...

    #11 December 3, 2015

    Understanding the Big Picture

    Big data has been one of the Medica 2015 keywords, even though very few companies were able...

    #10 November 19, 2015

    Welcome to a New Medical World

    Direct from the aisles of Medica 2015, you'll see how old friends like 4K and...

    #9 October 22, 2015

    New Care Solutions for Overweight

    Obesity has quickly become the 21st century’s worst health problem, creating numerous opportunities for innovation


    #8 September 30, 2015

    Innovative Tools For Fighting Obesity

    Enjoy a brand new reader experience with the 8th issue of MedicalExpo e-magazine while discovering the...

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