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{Arab Health} Sharpen It Up!

Pin-sharp images make all the difference when it comes to endoscopy. In this spirit, Richard Wolf, a pioneer in endoscopy, has unveiled the ENDOCAM Logic 4K—a completely new design system with image visualization and processing at a resolution of 4K i.e. 4,069 pixels x 2,180 pixels or 3,840 x 2,160 pixels for live display.

Presented at the Arab Health exhibition from January 29th to February 1st in Dubai, this 4K technology is a big improvement on the previously used HD technology. The image quality is infinitely sharper and makes it much easier to perform several endoscopic procedures. The tip of the endoscope picks up information via the camera controller which provides a 1.5-fold digital zoom then feeds it to the monitor. Inside the camera head are several electron chips which transmit light via electronic signals. The chips then generate the image and transfer it as an electronic signal to the camera controller.

Depending on the type of procedure that is being carried out, there are several accessories that can make things easier. Rigid scopes are used in gastroscopy or to find kidney stones, while the flexible scope is used in urological and gynecological procedures. The new generation of endoscope telescopes called the PANOVIEW ULTRA pick up the true image, from sharp depth-of-field to high-contrast. These are stored as high-resolution images and videos on USB storage media.

Read more about endoscopic cameras on MedicalExpo website. 

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Jan D'Sa is a Dubai-based reporter and technical writer.

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