ARAB HEALTH. The Changing Face of Radiotherapy

ARAB HEALTH. The Changing Face of Radiotherapy

When it comes to creating systems that aid radiotherapy treatment, Varian focus on three elements: high quality of care, operational excellence, and human-centric design. Halcyon Radiotherapy System, HalcyonTM, is the newest cancer treatment system that embraces these three elements and as a result optimizes patient comfort and facilitates use by medical professionals.

While previous accelerators in Varian’s development history have been C-type, the current radiotherapy system was developed as a ring to address challenges, particularly those to hospitals and departments with space constraints. In terms of setup, the machine is a three-part set and can be transported in a normal freight elevator. The installation and commissioning process takes no longer than two weeks thus minimizing disruption of clinic operations.

Patients tend to have lower stress levels during treatment with Halcyon because the ambient lighting and open-bore design allow the patient to relax. Moreover, the room temperature can be set to warm as the radiotherapy system is self-cooling.

In terms of ecological footprint, Halcyon is green compared to previous accelerators. It generates less heat and is twice as efficient in treating as many patients within a given period, thus elevating productivity levels especially in developing countries with limited access to radiotherapy treatment systems.


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