ARAB HEALTH. Breathing Easier in Emergencies

The emergency ventilator has come a long way since it was developed by Dräger 110 years ago. Launched at the end of last year, the Oxylog VE300 is the answer to a need for portable and ergonomic emergency ventilators. Designed to be easy-to-use for paramedics, emergency doctors and nurses, this ventilator caters to two patient groups: pediatrics and adults. Settings can be selected on the screen depending on the patient group which makes it easy to start the emergency ventilation process without delay.

Similarly, its exclusive CPR button ensures that the revival of the patient is uninterrupted. The machine enters resuscitation mode with a touch of the CPR button and the preconfigured settings light up on the screen.

The Oxylog VE300 weighs around 3.2 kg and paramedics have the option of using the 500 ml oxygen cylinder which brings the weight up to 5 kg, remaining lightweight. It is resistant when exposed to extreme temperatures (-20°C to +50°C). Its rechargeable battery works to up to nine hours at a given time making it the ideal emergency ventilator for paramedics on the go.

Read more about emergency ventilators on MedicalExpo website.

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