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{AACC} New HIV Drug-Resistance Assay Provides High Sensitivity

HIV virus (Courtesy of Imgur)

Researchers at Vela Diagnostics in Singapore have developed a method for quickly detecting HIV drug resistance mutations, offering a new tool for bringing effective HIV treatments to patients.

Many previous sequencing assays are no longer commercially available. Only one remains, and it has low sensitivity for drug resistance mutations present in 15%-20%, and results take one to two weeks.

“With the Next-Generation Sequencing Test for HIV, now we have the opportunity to do HIV drug resistance testing much faster, at a lower cost, also to test for mutations not visible with Sanger sequencing,” said Gerd Michel, PhD, who discussed the test’s performance at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting in Philadelphia from July 31-August 4.

The new Sentosa SQ HIV-1 genotyping assay provides results in 2.5 days, with superior sensitivity, detecting 100% of all drug-resistance mutations in the protease gene and 98.16% of mutations in the reverse transcriptase gene.  It uses automated sample processing and analysis with software to report one complete workflow.

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