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#37 - Proton Therapy

A T-shirt Adapted for IV Care

The French stylist Corinne Amouyal and the Adapt-iV T-shirt (Photo: Florian Launette)

How can you make someone who is receiving long-term intravenous treatment’s life better? This is the question stylist Corinne Amouyal asked herself when her father was suffering from cancer and had to undergo continuous infusion.

One problem that patients in this situation experience is that they can only change their T-shirt once a day: when the nurse comes to change the infusion. This means that you are entirely dependant, and if you spill coffee or get toothpaste on your T-shirt you have to keep wearing it until the next day.

Over two years Corinne worked on a prototype of a T-shirt designed to adapt to care that a patient could remove by himself/herself and would facilitate introducing infusion or other care requiring tubes. The nurses who came to administer treatment to Corinne’s father were quite impressed with the T-shirt and found that he was much more comfortable and at ease than their patients with normal T-shirts.

A Feeling of Autonomy and Normalcy

After Corinne’s father’s death she put the project aside for two years. We spoke with Louis Girard, a business angel of the Adapt-iV T-shirt project. He explained that after this, “Her brother-in-law and a few business angels decided to help Corinne promote and sell the T-shirt in France and trying to go abroad.”


Today, the T-shirt is sold on the company website and is popular with homecare patients, but also individuals in hospitals. However, it is not adapted to current hospital procedures for patients in general and is especially not ideal for patients who need to be in a completely sterile environment due to a supersensitivity to microbes.

That said individuals in homecare and hospitals are satisfied with this product that gives them back a feeling of autonomy and normalcy. “We have tens, thousands of people who have told us that it’s really changed their life for homecare and long-term treatment,” Girard said.


About the Author

Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is also our in-house English translator.

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