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    “The One” and Only Stethoscope


    At first glance, the Thinklabs One stands out in the crowded digital stethoscope scene thanks to its sleek design. However, its real value lies in how it sounds. The One relies on a patented technology which amplifies audio signals up to a hundred times. Thinklabs has developed its own in-ear headphones to take advantage of this enhanced sound, but any headphones with good bass quality will work well with the device. As the company says, if it’s good for music, it’s good for the One.

    This digital stethoscope also can send data to tablets and smartphones, making it suitable for telemedicine. It has been certified by the FDA, and the company hopes that it will receive CE certification soon.

    Watch Clive Smith, company founder and One inventor, explain how he decided to reinvent a 200-year-old technology.

    (Hall 16/D20-1)

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