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#8 – Innovative Tools For Fighting Obesity

A full body composition analysis in 30 seconds


Shoes off, hands on! The Tanita MC-980MA is a new extra-high capacity segmental body composition analyzer based on the latest BIA technologies (bioelectrical impedance analysis, particularly used in body fat determination).

In 30 seconds it carries out a complete body measurement. Body mass index, fat-free mass, muscle mass, total body water, bone mineral mass and other indicators like compartmental or segmental fat (kg, % and rating) are determined through the use of electrons.

The data is stored in an easy-to-use data management system accessible via the interactive touch screen panel. USB interfaces also allow external storage and printing a clearly organized consultation sheet.

Individual profiles with preset targets can be installed so that the data can be compared after collection. The history graph is an important feature for tracking progress. The built-in software includes 14 languages and the device has an extra-high weight capacity of 300 kilograms



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